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It’s finally here.

   We are pleased to announce the official launch of the Hyndman Law Firm Mobile Application! The application is packed with features such as client onboarding and direct messaging. Additionally, clients can now sign up for Hyndman Law Firm with their Google or Facebook accounts. The Hyndman Law firm is subscribed to the Qix Premium package, further allowing the Mobile application to connect with the Qix CRM Cloud Applications that provide task automation to their law firm. 

“Then and Now: How HLF functioned prior to using Qix, and how they benefit now”

Prior to using Qix, Hyndman Law Firm was required to perform tasks such as client onboarding, intake, and communication through physical paper and e-mail that entailed multiple assistants and receptionists to complete on a daily basis. Tracy Hyndman, the owner of Hyndman Law Firm, explains that: 

“Our new mobile app is integrated right into our case management software, which makes it great for our staff! The chat feature has made communication much easier.”

It seems clear that automation at Hyndman Law Firm while using Qix is more efficient and less strenuous on the law firm employees. 

Once Hyndman Law Firm took on Qix Premium, their operations improved and business growth increased. By taking on not only the incredible CRM cloud applications Qix has to offer, but also the Qix Mobile application development feature, Hyndman Law Firm has brought their office to the forefront of business technology. Qix has led to an increase in satisfaction from clients as their experience with Hyndman Law Firm was easy to onboard through their application and were able to clearly communicate with the attorney. Qix ultimately allows for law firms like Hyndman Law Firm to create a seamless legal experience for clients.

What does the future look like for Hyndman Law Firm and Qix?

As Hyndman Law Firm expands, their offices will be completely connected through the Qix platform. The Qix Analytics tool, available with the Qix Premium Package, will showcase their business growth as time progresses. Key indicators such as messaging volume between attorneys and clients, impressions and website visits, and social media reviews are all easily accessible through their Qix web dashboard. 

Qix Cloud will be developing additional cloud applications and features for law firms such as Hyndman Law Firm in the near future. Specifically, the Qix Parallels application is coming soon! Parallels will provide law firms with unique website customizations that incorporate Qix features like Communicate and Reception for a chat and online booking.

Qix and the importance of cybersecurity:

In recent months, Qix has placed a significant priority on cybersecurity. As a cloud technology company, keeping information about our clients safe is of utmost importance. We have partnered with Cloudflare, a leader in cybersecurity, in order to achieve our goal of stopping breaches and cyber attacks on our platform and the law firms we service. With Qix, law firms and their clients can feel more comfortable and secure knowing that their information is protected.

Why should your law firm adopt cloud technology?

According to the American Bar Association’s 2018 Legal Technology Survey Report, only 55% of United States law firms are currently using some form of cloud technology to improve their quality of service and workflow efficiency. One of our missions at Qix is to change that statistic, as we believe cloud technology should be a standard among all businesses, especially law firms. As a whole, cloud technology can offer your firm multiple benefits. Primarily, firms can expect quicker task completion for lower-level employees, as well as a stronger connection with the firm for high-level attorneys. Through cloud business analytics, cloud web applications, and iOS and Android apps, firms can lead clients through an immersive business experience with little lag time and frustration. 

If your law firm needs advanced cloud technology tools and a customizable mobile application,

visit: Qix.cloud/pricing

Prepared and Published by:

Alex J. Meynard & Erik W. Hyndman

Qix Cloud | San Francisco


28 July 2020

Reference Links:

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